Stained Glass Standing Lamp - April 8

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Standing Lamp

(with Roycroft Campus Artist, Yvonne Stoklosa)
Sunday, April 8th from 10:00am - 4:00pm

Roycroft Campus Artist-in-Residence, Yvonne Stoklosa, will be teaching a one-day workshop on the basics of working with stained glass.  An introduction to the art form and resources will be discussed.  Students will learn how to select and cut glass and solder pieces together to create a standing lamp to take home. Some previous soldering experience is helpful for this project. All materials and tools needed are provided, including a selection of colorful art glass.

Yvonne Stoklosa’s love of the Arts & Crafts Movement grew strongest when studying for her Masters in Architecture. She also has schooling and experience working as an Interior Designer / Facilities Planner. Combining her design and creativity skills with her desire to be home for her family, she began doing stained glass work almost 20 years ago.  As a Roycroft Artist, she is often reminded of what an architect taught her many years ago – to strive for museum quality.

Yvonne currently has a studio in the Roycroft Print Building where she designs and creates custom work for her clients. She also actively participates in many of the local art shows throughout New York State.  In addition, The Copper Shop Gallery houses a wonderful selection of her work.

Class Tuition: $90 members - $100 non-members + $40 Supplies = $130* members - $140* non-members
Registration is required and seating is limited.

*Fee includes lunch

If you have any questions please call the Roycroft Campus at 716-655-0261 or email us.

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