Metal Bowl II - Intermediate Class - August 4

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Metal Bowl II - Intermediate

(with Artist, Mark Masters)
Saturday, August 4 from 9:00am - 5:00pm

Building on techniques learned in the Metal Bowl I class, this workshop will continue on into more advanced techniques. Students will experiment and explore the metalsmithing techniques known as chasing and repousse in which a metal is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side to create a design in low relief, as they create a 6-inch brass or copper bowl. Students can choose from a round or square shape bowl. Students may used designs supplied through the class or bring their own as they chase either the center or rim of their bowl. This is the perfect class for those who enjoyed some of the basic metalsmithing classes and want to learn more, working your way up to the more advanced classes with the master artisans. 

Mark Master’s interest in metal working was sparked in industrial arts class in high school, where he made candlestick holders and a shallow copper bowl. 30 years later that interest was rekindled with a trip to the Burchfield-Penney Arts Center where the Roycrofters were demonstrating and displaying their work. Fascinated by watching Master artisan Frank Glapa at work on a piece, Mark was introduced to David Tundo, who had just recently become a RALA Artisan himself. It was Mr. Tundo who encouraged him to pursue his interest and take some classes. Mark enrolled in a variety of workshops, including “Basic Metalsmithing”, “Chasing and Repousee” and “Tool Making” with RALA Master Artisan Ron VanOstrand, and “Intermediate Metalsmithing” with RALA Master Artisan Frank Glapa. Since then he has been doing metal work demonstrations, instructing and volunteering and teaching on the Roycroft Campus and throughout Western New York.

Class Tuition $115 members - $125 non-members + $25 Supplies =
$140* members - $150* non-members
Registration is required and seating is limited (Max. of 6 students)
*Fee includes lunch

If you have any questions please call the Roycroft Campus at 716-655-0261 or email us.

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